Swamy Ayyappa Maharavillaku
  Mahara Vilaku

The most important festival of sabarimala temple is Makara Vilakku. It is a seven-day festival commencing on the day of Makara sankranthi,the day which the sun is in summer solstice. It was on this auspicious day, the idol of Dharma Sastha was enshrined in the temple. The annual celebration of makara vilaku is commemorative of the sacred event.

Jewelbox of Swamy Ayyappa The jewellery to adorn the Diety on the occasion of the festival is brought from Pandalam Palace in a ceremonial procession which starts from Valiya Koyikkal Sastha Temple at Pandalam three days prior to Makara Sankranti. The boxes containing the sacred jewellery are placed on the head of an oracle. He appears to be oblivious on his physical existence and marches on dancing hysterically. Still the boxes remain on his head as if glued there. Relaxing in a few temples enroute the procession reaches Sabaripettam in the evening on the crucial day. The procession reaches Sabaripettam in the evening on the crucial day.The procession is accorded a ceremonial welcome and led to sannidhanam accompanied by lights and music. Curiously enough, a kite appears in the sky and hovers around the boxes of jewellery.

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