Swamy Ayyappa Devotees
  Details of Vrutham

The austerities (Vrutham) starts on the first day of the Malayalam month Vrichikam ( November 14/15/16 ) for those devotees who intend to worship Lord Ayyappa on Mandala Pooja Day( around 25th December ) or Makara Sankranti day (around Jan 14th). "Makara Sankranti" day is the most auspicious day at Sabarimala and " Mandala Pooja day " is considered as second most auspicious day. Nowdays the temple is open to devotees on 1st day of each Malayalam month and other kerala festival days such as "Vishu", "Thiru Onam", etc. However 41 days minimum vrutham is necessary before the day of Pilgrimage to Sabarimala as per the conditions of the pilgrimage.

The vrutham starts from the day of wearing of "Thulasi Mala" (garland) or "Rudraksha Mala" with the locket of Lord Ayyappa. The mala is to be accepted from a temple Priest or Guru Swami /Periya Swami (The devotee who has visited the Sabarimala Temple several times and who can guide the other devotees in all matters relating to Sabarimala pilgrimage) after the mala is duly sanctified in a temple/ or pooja room. A "Dakshina" is to be given to the priest/Guru Swami/ Periya Swami concerned.After wearing the "Mala" the devotee is called as "Ayyappan" or "Swami"( in the name of Lord Ayyappa) till the completion of his pilgrimage and removal of Mala thereafter. The eligible female( aged between 1 and 9 and above 50 years) devotees are called as "Malikapuram"( The Shakti of Lord Ayyappa).

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