Swamy Ayyappa Devotees
  Details of Vrutham

During the period of Vrutham utmost care should be taken by each devotee to keep their mind and body clean,pure and balanced. The devotee is expected to live like "sadhu", "Yogi" and his action,word,thought should not under any circumstances hurt the feelings of the others. The devotee should avoid all worldly pleasure and avoid taking alcohol,tobacco and non-vegetarian food. They are also not expected to cut hair and nails a shave. Black / dark blue dhoti and shirt is the proper dress for the vrutham. Wearing Chappal, Shoes are not allowed as per traditional rule of the Vrutham. Absolute Bramacharya during the period is essential without which no devotee should go to Sabarimala Temple. The devotee is expected to pray in the morning and evening after taking bath. Before each meal devotee should pray and take the meal as "Prasadam" of Lord Ayyappa.

Without proper Vrutham Pilgrimage to Sabarimala is not at all advisable. The mental satisfaction of the pilgrimage can be attained only through the proper Vrutham.May the Lord Ayyappa help everybody to follow the rule of traditional Vrutham for theattainment of salvation of the soul.

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