LORD AYYAPPA, the presiding supreme deity of Sabari Hills is worshipped by millions of devotees.

A visit to Sabarimala brings to the devotees' contentment, spiritual upliftment, prosperity and fulfillment of devotees' desires and wishes.

The months of Kaartika / Vrishchika, Maargazhi / Dhanur (15 Nov - 15 Jan) are most auspicious for Sabarimala pilgrimage.

Lord Ayyappa had his Avataaram on Saturday, Maargazi Panchami in uttara nakshatram. Makara Jyoti appears on this day.

During Vrischika, Dhanur and Makara (Nov, Dec & 1st half of January) months, Mandala puja is celebrated on Sabari Hills.
Welcome to Sabarimala Sree Swami Ayyappan Temple, one of the most ancient temples in Kerala - India.